Repair and maintenance

Velonaut also takes care of maintenance and repairs. As prevention is always better than cure, we advise you to have regular maintenances carried out instead of having to deal with the one repair after the other.

In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, the following rules apply in our workshop:

  • Maintenance and repairs are by appointment only.
  • During repairs we fix the entire bike. If you want to mend things yourself, please do it in advance.
  • We do not exclude any bikes but in the selection of our spare parts we apply minimal quality standards.
  • A bicycle mechanic cannot do his job correctly if the bike is dirty. We reserve the right to refuse bicycles that are too dirty.
  • If the costs for the maintenance or the repair are different from the estimation of the costs that was given to you before, we will contact you.
  • We do our utmost to respect the appointments made and deadlines given. We ask you to do the same: bring in your bike on the day of the appointment and pick it up on the day that was agreed.